Friday, April 10, 2009

The Bisita Iglesia (Church Visit)

Yesterday was the start of the Bisita Iglesia, a tradition part of Chirstendom's holy week celebration. Usually we visit numerous churches and chapels to do the Stations of the Cross... but sadly we diverted from the usual thing this year... we dropped by at Makati yesterday to meet Tita Sol's maid @ the Ayala MRT Station to deliver a parcel from our relatives abroad.

But you know what, I noticed that my dad surely doesn't fit with the crowd... mukha syang: "Mayamang Tsinoy". Although not really, my dad's only 1/4 Chinese and 3/4 Ilocanong Noypi. Now back to what happened... we were waiting for her to arrive, my dad was getting grumpy and was telling my mom that we should've dropped the package at their house than wait at the station... well sadly it was already there, nothing else to do but wait... she arrived at 12:00pm, 30 after the said time to meet.

My family waiting by the MRT for Tita Sol's maid

Check out my Dad... not really meant to/for be waiting

Their reason was traffic... but the best reason would be... there was no traffic.

When Holy Week arrives most of the people are in province, and only a few stays in Manila / NCR. Also during Holy Week, rides are scarce... so there's always no traffic.

Anyhow, after Makati we headed for Pasay City Reclamation Area and continue our Bisita Iglesia at the Church near SM Mall of Asia... but before that of course we had lunch at Gerry's Grill MOA... that waiting at Makati made us all hungry.

After doing the Stations of the Cross @ the church near Mall of Asia... we decided to take a mass at Ateneo de Manila's Church of the GESU... and boy having the mass there made my day complete (compared to having mass at OLCP, the church near our village). Ambience wise and of course homily wise.

Anyways... that ends my day.

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