Re-wind Blogging: August 31, 2009 - A Wet and Muddy La Mesa Trail Ride

Rewinding to 9 days ago... August 31, 2009... a Monday Holiday, All Heroes day.

Thanks again to Dailymile for recording my previous rides... and also for Mike Donadilla and Tony (my father) for the photos:

La Mesa Nature Reserve - August 31 Trail Ride 16.22 km 03:224.8km/h pace

16km of rough terrain... with mixes of single-tracks, fire roads, and numerous cardiacs and downhills... mix that with moist to muddy and sticky soil.

Our group ride gave us more memories to keep and experiences to take note on.

We'll be taking on La Mesa again in a few weeks. Possibly bring more water to reach our target... Tower 1 aka "Mount Mordor" which is 37km.


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