After knowing from my father, that I had to give DIA to my younger bro, Miguel last week. I immediately requested removal of some parts such as the Turbolites and Ergon grips I installed weeks ago.

Well anyhow, this new ride was born from the money my father gave me in exchange for DIA, combined with the cash I saved for the month of August (that was to go for the fork conversion from 1-1/8" to 1" for DIA). I was given a week to decide to build a new one and give my ride to my younger bro or regret buying one and stick to DIA for the rest of the time.

I originally intended to keep DIA's frame at first if I'm going to change parts. But my father didn't allow me and told me to give the whole thing to my bro. He only allowed my request to change parts such as the turbolites, ergons as well as the toe-clips.

So after my check-up during the morning I was accompanied in the afternoon to Cartimar to build a new ride.

My budget was 18k + 4k = 22,000 pesos... minus the turbolite handlebar and stem, ergons grips and toe-clips.

Before arriving at DS Bike Lander @ Cartimar, I already requested the owner for a 2009 Vision Pursuit size 19 frame in dark green colour. Sadly they didn't have one, she suggested me to get a white frame instead to match my personality, thats what she said.

With 22k, it would be impossible for me to create a ride that isn't entry-level. Anyhow here was the list of components that totaled to 21,400 pesos

- 2009 Vision Pursuit size 19 frame in White Colour
(the frame comes with a Seat Collar and Headset)
- 2009 Shimano Alivio Mechanical Disc-brake Gruppo (I originally wanted Deore)
- 2009 SR Suntour XCR 100mm travel fork with Manual Lockout
- a pair of Mavic X223 rims
- a pair of Continental Mountain King 2.0 wire bead
- a pair of Toxic-brand Tubes
- 72 stainless nipples and black spokes
- Kalloy Ice 27.2x350mm Seatpost
- Active White S'Trace Titanium Rail Saddle (got in darn cheap)
- 3 kristel aluminum spacers

Took around 2 hours 30 minutes to build her after lunch... then after those hours of waiting... there she stood in her white dress.

It was when I uttered the words, "Mi Conchita"

It was like I was watching a noon time soap opera, with Thalia starring as the lead role.

But actually, the name came from a passerby who shouting Pacita! Pacita! I misheard Pacita for Conchita. Ehehehe... silly me.

  • Conchita
  • A Filipina of filipino and latin heritage; young, slim and dressed in white. A She-Devil disguised in Purity.
  • Born: September 4, 2009


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