Re-wind Blogging: August 29, 2009 - Solo Training Ride

Lets Rewind back to Last Last Saturday... It was August 29, 2009... I was supposed to join the PMTB Babes with their Dream Loop Sumulong Climb... sadly not much sleep. So it was stamina training for me.

Thanks to Dailymile, possibly without it there's no memories. And definitely no stories to tell.

Solo Training Ride from Tandang Sora - UP - Tumana - San Mateo - The Wall and back

02:1116.7km/h pace

Decided to take my training instead to the Wall. I guess my thursday training ride paid off, giving me additional energy to make my way up this cardiac hill.

Sadly, I really wanted to take on Maarat, but with little hydration I decided to go down from the Wall and back to UP... of course I excluded all rest stops from this climb as well as my road sprints.

Also I'm also down, that I wasn't able to take on Tumana-Balara uphill on continuous pedaling. Hahaha I think it was because I was almost dehydrated lacking water and sport jellibeans.


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