Thursday, September 10, 2009

Re-wind Blogging: September 5, 2009 - A Return to Licao-Licao

This was Last Saturday, a very rainy day indeed. It was the virgin ride of my white bike, "Conchita". Was also the day I got into an accident off the saddle. Seriously...

Thanks again to Dailymile for making it an almost daily habit to track my miles.

Neopolitan - Pangarap - Licao-Licao - Tomagotchi Falls - Licao-Licao - Brick Town - Jackhammer - Grotto - Neopolitan
52 km 08:156.3km/h pace

MTB - Trail

Not sure if its really 52km... but from Neopolitan to Tomagotchi Falls nokia sport tracker clocked at arund 25.53km. Noticing that from Tomagotchi to Brick Town down to Grotto and back to Neopolitan was even longer than what it was from Neo to Pangarap to Licao.

I really need a cyclocomp to track all my kilometers and miles... definitely.

Oh I also got injured in this ride... but not on the bike. but it was off the bike. I slipped while walking on muddy terrain.

Does anyone from the same ride have an accurate reading on how many kilometers we logged?

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