Friday, September 11, 2009

Some readers are asking... How's Dia? or Ishi?

For Dia... she received minor face lifts,
such as...
  • a shorter aluminum handlebar with 25.4 clamping
  • Specialized Lock-On grips
  • ABR XC Race Bare Ends
  • and a Schwinn Comfort Saddle.
and now this is how she looks like:

I'm actually envious that she weighs lighter than 14.11kgs.
She's still and will always be a XC Marathon Bike.

As for ISHI...
she's currently under repair...

I'm planning to change her from a folding commuter
to a photographer/carrier folder

she's the one behind Dia on the photo above.

I'm also planning to equip her with:
  • drop down bars with 25.4mm clamping
  • red grip tapes
  • aero brake levers
  • 20x1.5 road tires
  • Active MTB Comfort Saddle
  • Amoeba Seatpost Rack
  • Front Cargo Rack
  • 8 speed shifter and Alivio RD

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