An Unlikely reality...

Reality is harsh.... which is true.

Sadly, I can't wait to write reality... but of course everything should be disclosed to the fullest.

Regarding the earlier post... don't worry as it seems its a false alarm.


In other news, I've been focusing to much on 3D, that eventually this blog shouldn't be focused on that. This is a cycling blog... a mountain rider's haven. A stress reliever. How could I be stupid to forget all that.

I neglected my health to be true to everyone... I've been weak... physically and sometimes emotionally.

But enough of those, I've decided to take on swimming as well as running. As told by a friend, I should try joining the triathlon... if not a duathlon's fine.

As also said by Ceej, that I should take advantage of the times I'll be free, with the reel on the works, its not everytime I'll be in front of the pc... there will be times I'm brainstorming... but since I'm good at multi-tasking... there's no other best thing but to brainstorm while running, swimming, body-building, martial arts and cycling.

That's right... martial arts... I'm going back to taekwondo... but not practice the art... but improve my stamina through extensive training.

That's reality... it may be a little harsh, but that's where we all end. So lets not discuss work... let's discuss what's in store for us tomorrow.


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