Re-wind Blogging: August 30, 2009 - Visit to Twinville, Bike Blessing and Ride & Dine

Rewinding back to August 30, 2009... that was a Sunday, I could still remember it like it was yesterday.

Again taken from my dailymile cyclocomp~

Today there were multiple events that resulted to a 50km ride.
1st was my dad and me who took a route to UP down to Marikina. We visited our old village: Twinville... but when we reached Milflores, the street where our previous home was located... we weren't able to figure out where that house was. Not until I heard my name being called. It was Ate Bobot, Nanay Elsa's daughter. Ate Bobot, Ate Ellen and Nanay Elsa were the people who took care of me during my early days in Marikina and in my life. We had some chat over some hot coffee. A few minutes later we were on the road again and tackled Tumana-Balara Cardiac back to UP just in time for the gathering and the preparation for the scheduled Bike Blessing.

The Bike Blessing was scheduled for 9am... unlikely, it didn't start on that time, instead the priest arrived at around 930am. We had more than 50 riders that time and more than 50 bikes were blessed. From roadies, to mountain riders, down to bmxes, folders and cruisers. Its like a big gathering, but it really was a big gathering with no boundaries.

After the bike blessing Cayoi organized the Ride and Dine event in which more than 25 riders joined. Dad had to go home and attend my brother's event. I instead stood behind and joined this Ride and Dine event with my Bike Friends (Eloi, Grace, Jeff and Mike).

Our first stop was Charlie's Wanton located at Haig St., Mandaluyong... yes, we bike commuted through traffic... from UP - Cubao - P.Tuazon - San Juan - Wilson - Haig.

The Wanton's fantastic! It's a little pricey but the servings are... big! BIG! BIIIGGG!!! It was definitely worth the ride. And hour after we filled our bellies with this delightful meal we headed back and stopped at Caramia Gellato for dessert located along Connecticut St. just beside Greenhills Shopping Center.

After the cold gellato, the organizers decided to visit Lifecycle to check on bike parts, some even bought certain items such as jerseys and replacement parts.

From there some had to part ways, and leave for their destinations. Our group the Northerners (since majority of us live at QC and Malabon area... took a U-Turn at EDSA and went back to UP via White Plains - Katipunan - UP. From there we all parted ways. Of course us Bike Friends + 2 new found Bike Friends stopped over for water refill at Grace and Eloi's place before going home.

Now its time to rest for tomorrow's ride at La Mesa Trails, in which I have to prepare for a mudfest mud ride. In where of course there's going to be mud! MUD!! MUUUDDD!!! And of course scenic spots SPOTS!! SPOTTTSSS!!!


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