Re-wind Blogging: September 6, 2009 - Reconditioning Ride

This was just Last Sunday, I still remember how it rained angrily, that when I reached the UP Oval there wasn't a single runner. Bikers were scarce... my thought would be not just because of the very awful weather, but also maybe because of the wake of Erano Manalo, the minister of Iglesia ni Cristo (correct me if I'm wrong, thank you)... being held at the HQ of INC... just across Commonwealth Avenue.

Anyhow anyhow, here's the map of my reconditioning ride. Take note I was pedaling my bike with an injured sole.

Bunny's Reconditioning Ride 09-06-09
18.09 km 02:168.0km/h pace

Road - Reconditioning

My main purpose to go pedaling that day was to visit UP Inifrmary, was unsure if I should be getting another anti-tetanus shot because of the clumsy fall I had during the Tomagotchi Falls hike (a side-trip from our Licao Ride the day before).

Good thing I received a text from my mom with a message from my uncle (whose a doctor), that I should buy cefalexin and take it every 4 hours as well as applying hydrogen peroxide on the stripped-skin on my sole.

But before going to the local botika, I had some time riding around UP and at the same time had a ride and dine experience with some roadies as well as a scrumptious brunch with Mike Donadilla, Eloi Hernandez and Grace Gregorio.

Oh by the way, I took my new ride (Conchita, my white vision pursuit) ) for a spin on this day too, its her 2nd official ride, with the Licao ride as her first.

Probably next week I'll get her blessed.


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