Re-Wind Blogging: August 14, 2009 - Urban Night Ride secret training with Vice-chan~

Let’s rewind to last August 14, 2009; it was Friday early Evening that time around...

August 14 Urban "Secret Training" Night Ride > UP - Balara Swimming Pool Balikan x 3 - UP mild trails - UP Oval - Tandang Sora
27 km 02:1112.4km/h pace

August 14, 2009 - marks my third night ride... and the location was UP - Eloi and Grace's House - Mild UP Trails - UP Oval 1 lap - Balara Swimming Pool Balikan x 3 - Mild UP Trails - UP Oval 5 laps - Eloi and Grace's House - UP Oval Sprint 3 laps (while carrying spare Rims) - Tandang Sora

I was joined by Ma'am Grace Gregorio (Vice-chan/Lavender)with this Urban Secret Training Ride

Although majority of this post came from my Dailymile Cyclocomp... And I still could remember that I just came from the office that time. Supposed to be Eloi would be joining us that day, sadly she had her tri-root molar taken out (reminds me of that time when my quad-root molar was taken out, it was a painful memory).

But to be exact, that was also when I noticed that Vice-chan was a newbie no-more. She was now a newbieMAW (newbie + monster), a term used for those feeling-newbie who eventually are monster-pedal-masters.


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