Monday, August 10, 2009

Ride for Tita Cory

Being part of History is what any person would want to be part of.

And for us cyclists, pedaling is the only thing aside from time sacrifice... to be part of history.

Ever since Tita Cory was confined at the hosptial, majority of us Pinoy Mountainbikers have been signing up to join a tribute ride... a ride for her quick recovery from colon cancer. But it was sad that when we were about initiate the ride on August 2, we read the grave news as Tita Cory's death spread the net like pancakes. I confirmed it was true when I woke up early morning at around 525am... I was supposed to leave for a ride that day... but the bad weather stopped me from going out. Instead rode to UP, and started discussing with fellow cyclists about the death of our Icon of Democracy.

It was also during that day that majority of the cyclists at the local web forum initiated a thread... rather it was a tribute ride to say thanks to Tita Cory...and it was set on August 5, a day which was made into a non-working holiday by Malacanang.

A day before the said "padyak" I checked the local web forum ( to find out more than 70++ cyclists have signed up. These numbers weren't normal... my reaction was quite different when I got to read their replies to the said ride. Everyone wanted to sacrifice this holiday just for her. To pedal to our savior... to the woman who stood against a tank-of-dictator during 1986 EDSA revolution, and thus succeeding to the presidential seat and withstood 7 coups.

That day, the rain hasn't stopped showering... the typhoon never left the country's shores yet. But still I left and pedaled to our meeting point @ the University of the Philippine's Oblation monument to meet up the group, but when I arrived... I was alone. I started doubting... but my doubts wore off after a few minutes when one rider came after another... it was until we were 20 that we left for Roxas Blvd.

Our numbers grew as we passed by the Aquino's residence... then Burger King Welcome Rotonda... Burgos, the TM Kalaw... Then Roxas Blvd.... and finally Quirino cor Roxas... our numbers grew from 20 to a whooping 200++ riders... majority from groups such as, Firefly Brigade, PhilMoFo, PCN, Padyak Pinoy, and numerous groups from different cities... all came for the same cause... to offer our ride just for her and her family.

My purpose... was to see her for the last time personally, just for a glimpse even if she was inside a coffin... when was my first? It was during the 1986 revolution while riding on top of my father's shoulders; I was 2 then.

Photos from our tribute ride can be found @

These photos were taken by fellow PMTBers and Fireflies... credits go to them. I only compiled them.

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