Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Re-Wind Blogging: August 23, 2009 - PAATIBAYAN, Endurance Training and Dovan's 35th Birthday

Lets Rewind back to Last Sunday... just a couple of days ago...

My Dailymile post covers almost everything except the photos... so including Dad's participation during the PAATIBAYAN 10mile marathon, to my Endurance Training and down to Dovan's 35th Bday.

Tandang Sora - UP oval 15 laps - UP Mild Trailing 3 laps - Tumana - Barangka - Jollibee Marikina - John Wilkie - Tumana - Balara - UP - Tandang Sora
56.41 km 04:2712.7km/h pace

Tandang Sora - UP oval 15 laps - UP Mild Trailing 3 laps - Tumana - Barangka - Jollibee Marikina - John Wilkie - Tumana - Balara - UP - Tandang Sora

Was at UP yesterday to support my Dad's participation at the PAA-TIBAYAN 10mile marathon. We were there at around 5am...

Dad with Tito Ching Lota (they used to Bike together during early 2000)

Dia having a rest beside Mang Manny's store

While waiting for the race to start I've been doing some exercise laps around the UP Oval mixing it with some sprints. I still forgot how fast I was going since I didn't have a cyclocomp, instead was basing my kilometers through oval laps. At around 6am the marathon started, waiting for my Dad to pass-by the first lap at the Cyclists' Tambayan.

Zorro participated in 5mile run~ wow, but why is he walking?

Dad passing by the first lap of the 10mile marathon

When he passed-by I decided to go for a little mild trailing around UP, getting some dirt on my tires.

Happen to spot Tita Ching, near the UP PAUW

When he finished the marathon, I decided to stay behind since I was supposed to go to John Wilkie's at 10am (he opens at 10) to replace my cut truvativ handlebar I bought from the bazaar to a lighter and longer turbolite handlebar and oversized stem.

Met up with Mike Donadilla, Jeff Romero and Abet Umali at the tambayan. Decided that they would join me to John Wilkie's. Before going there we stopped by Eloi Hernandez and Grace Gregorio's place so they can join us.

Sadly Eloi's still fast asleep, but Vice-chan joined us after a week of no biking.

So we went down to John Wilkie's from UP to Balara, then down to Tumana... but during the downhill portion from Balara to Tumana, I experienced a solid wipe-out, falling off my bike and my butt skidding along the wet pavement. Good thing I was wearing tights.

Anyways, from Tumana we took a detour along the Riverbanks path to Barangka. And from there over the Marikina bridge, back to JPRizal. But when we arrived at Wilkie's. he was closed. So Mike decided to treat us to Brunch @ Jollibee. Happy Birthday Mike~

DIA bonding with her Bike Friends @ Jollibee

The Birthday Boy, Mike Donadilla (wearing his helmet),

with Abet Umali, Grace Gregorio and Jeff Romano

When we were done we headed back to Wilkie's to have my truvativ bar and borla stem replaced with silver turbolites. Sweet, Dia just lost 180g.

After a few we headed back to UP... and had a little chat at Vice-chan's place.

The conclusion... this has been one of the best rides I've set my tires on. A total training ride... with uhmm a little snacks on the side.

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