Thursday, August 27, 2009

Urban Night Ride training... and urge to write once more

Just a few hours ago I had an itch to ride around the village... thanks to Dailymile, I made a route that mixes some cardiac climbs, winding roads, and straights for short distance sprints.

Bunny's Village Exercise Route 9.04 km 00:3216.9km/h pace

1st lap - warm-up pace
2nd lap - sprint on cardiacs and straights, freewheeling on downhill streets
3rd lap - relaxed pace
4th lap - sprint on cardiacs and straights; freewheeling on downhill.

All completed in 32mins... I'm still raw for the Sumulong ride with the pmtb babes. I'll try again tomorrow @ UP on an urban night ride.


Still raw, very raw... So I'm in a slump with the decision of joining the pmtb babes with their Sumulong Climb. Or I could always try a cardiac hill practice with the famed, "The Wall" and Timberland's "Mini-Wall" and the muddy Maarat trail.

Seems like I won't be joining the Licao ride on Monday, with the decision made by my dad to join his group to La Mesa Eco Park. I'll have to bear with the rigidity of my ride.

Also somehow, I suddenly wanted to build a Fixie, preferrably on a track bike frame. But I'll go with that wanting later after I get to build another MTB for me to use on group rides. I'll be rebuilding DIA with her older parts, and this time probably with a dropbar around early November.

Recently though I've been having urges on recreating the novel that I created way back highschool.

"Eternal Epic"

Some may remember this especially: Patrick Hizon, Krissy Verzosa, Tinna Mauricio and possibly some of my college friends. The urge might be from the request made by my boss at the office. He wanted us to create a concept art of a scene.

Then it came to me of recreating a scene from my old story. Krissy thought of the same thing. Ressurection from its eternal slumber.

I might try putting up a blog with the re-written version of Eternal Epic, and probably start on the prologue. And definitely will take a lot of time to piece it up together.

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