Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Returning Back to the Present Time; Now with Less Clutter


I'm a little sleepy right now, even though my eyes are wide open here at the office with my OJTs.

As you can see and read, I've already backtracked to the previous weekends and holidays I rode on and experienced, also the times when I had
some time bonding with my father as well as with my bike friends.

"Less clutter, is good."

"And with less clutter, there's more space to fill."

More memories and experiences to come and write about. Especially the coming rides this week such as:

August 29 - Saturday - Dream Loop: Sumulong Cardio ride with the PMTBabes (its my revenge ride)

August 30 - Sunday - Bike Blessing at UP Diliman

August 31 - Monday - Licao-Licao newbie ride with Bike Friends and UP Mountaineers

Also to add are my coming product reviews, especially on the Ergon GC3-S, Continental Edge 1.9 and the Continental Speed King 2.1

Anton Daniel "Bunny" T. de la Cruz
The Rabbit on Two Wheels

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