Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking my revenge at Sumulong Climb? or Riding the relatively new trails of Hamilo Coast?


Seriously undecided...

I'm torn up between to rides this coming Saturday.

Its between the long planned trail ride of Hamilo Coast's new trails, in which I'll be joining Eric Yambao on this one; and the other ride which is an invitiational by the PMTBabes to their Dream Loop practice at Sumulong Climb... this might also serve as my revenge on Sumulong Climb, since my last one was an epic fail in which I almost passed out.

Currently the status of the Hamilo Coast trip is on 50/50, since I still need to confirm if Eric's going. Confirming with the PMTBabes will be easier even on the last minute.

Its literally decisions decisions and more decisions...

If all else fails... I'm going solo and tackle The Wall once again, then straight to Maarat and to Giant then back again.

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