Re-Wind Blogging: August 21, 2009 - Cardio Climb with Dad and his friends~

Our rigs resting @ Aling Tina's

Lets rewind back to August 17, 2009 - It's a holiday that Friday... Ninoy Aquino day... also the time Dad was expecting a Camp Aguinaldo ride, but instead the majority decided for The Wall, a steep mountain climb.

This post is majorly from my Dailymile post, I'll be adding photos to back the words...

His 2nd dismount, but its ok... The Wall is known for making you dismount, wanting you to quit.

Tandang Sora - UP - Tumana - San Mateo - The Wall and back... Revenge against The Wall, Timberland
37.12 km 03:10 10.1km/h pace

It's Dad's second time around to bike around... sadly he was expecting Camp Aguinaldo's trails... not until we arrived at UP when his colleagues decided to take on, The Wall. One of the best cardiac trainings within San Mateo, Rizal's compounds. From UP we took Balara-Tumana bridge... and from there to Aling Tina's... We took a quick break waiting for another group member. After a couple of minutes it was back to the road. climbing The Wall, unlike my last tackle, I was able to cut my previous 9 dismounts to 3 dismounts this time. Dad wasn't expecting it to be that steep, he was able to dismount 5 to 6 times to grab some air. Of course it was a sudden charge to a steep hill for him after 9 years of hiatus from cycling. Upon reaching Timberland gate, we grabbed some grub and rested for a few minutes. A lot of them were tired, that we weren't able to tackle Maarat and Giant as well, instead we went back to UP.

Dad, me and Deng, dad's friend from CFC

Dad with Glen Acosta

His 4th dismount, and rest... regenerating more energy to tackle The Wall

Winking with shades is definitenly a no-no, it makes me look fugly

He's almost tired... but almost near!

The Wall Accomplished! Way to go Dad!

A souvenir of his success~ Let's take on Licao-Licao next

It was also a good experience having this father and son bonding time. Probably now he knows how hard my trainings could be.

I also got to meet Arvin Magbasco and Arnold Sanchez during our group's descent, although they were just about to arrive Timberland's gates... maybe next time I'll join them.


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