Re-Wind Blogging: August 16, 2009 - When Dad rode his new Bike for the 1st time~

Lets rewind back to August 16, 2009 - that was a Sunday... and right on time he was excited, damned excited to take it out for a spin.

Unlikely, most of this post came from my Dailymile entry, as for photos I don't have any...

Get back Ride with Dad and Tumana / Oval Secret Training Endurance Ride
37.3 km 03:0212.3km/h pace

Getting my Dad to ride a bike again and was superb. From the house we got to go around UP and brought him to the paved trails within. So there was no mud in each route we took. At around 7am we took our separate ways. Since I had promised Jeff to join him to Boyetworks... so we both rode down Balara - Tumana and down to Marikina. He said it was near, but yet it was damned far. But the mix of up and downhill was fantastic. We got back to UP after an hour of installation. He headed to Quirino to get his gruppo replaced... while I had another take on Balara - Tumana balikan x2 and back to UP for a 5 lap sprint, and 10 lap relaxed pedaling around the oval and UP's mild paved trails before I went home.


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