Monday, February 16, 2009

Alternative Class: Photography... the aftermath and more

Ohkay~ this is a late post, should've replied last saturday.

T'was glad I was given a chance to teach the College of Education students, Basic Photography and Techniques in Outdoor Photography last Thursday (February 12, 2009) . From all the students I had ever since last year, these were the ones who were really eager to learn... maybe its because they were deprived from learning or the subject wasn't part of their curriculum.

It was actually hard at first, since I'm used to teaching outside the classroom... and always loved doing a hands-on class. Even had to ask the Student Council permission to do an outdoor-class. Well asking permission made everything great.

Both my Morning and Before Lunch classes had a great time...

It's already 4 days after teaching those youngsters... and good lord... they're already adding me on their multiply. Some of them still asking me for guidance and help on their work and how to work on their cameras. But I'm glad they do.

Nothing beats teaching the next generation.

Discussing with the students of my 2nd Class

My students from the Morning Class (1st Class)

My students from the Before Lunch Class (2nd class)

Anyways... I'll be coming to UST this thursday... might be getting my "paycheck" from the SC... and also will be there to support an underclassman of mine on her thesis presentation... a Promise is a Promise of course.

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