Weirdest of DREAMS! Naweiweirduhan ako!

Before I forget my last night's dream... I'm starting to write it down...

I had a dream last night, with the scene of my house... but the residents aren't my family members, but classmates of mine back in college. My home suddenly turned into a boarding house... the weirdest part was there were 14 girls and only 4 boys... and among those 14 girls... yep you guessed it right, my ex-girlfriend... Analyn Perez was there (I just don't know why she was there, can't control my sub-consciousness).

The scene wasn't like any I had before... 3 of my classmates including Analyn were seated in front of me at the dining table (but weren't having lunch, dinner or anything at all). The girls were discussing something. While I was sitting on the opposite end doing some cartooning, character sketches and paperwork... quite the busy person I was. Anyhow, you-know-who started to pester me like repeating the words, "Pansinin mo ko..." and, "Hindi mo matatapos yan..." and also several sentences that I couldn't recall.

A few minutes later someone doorbelled... As the head of the house I answered it immediately but upon unlocking the door I asked who was it...

A petite girl's voice answered, "Kami Richu"

What the?! Sino yun?! I woke up after I heard her name... then after that I had several other dreams... but not as weird as this one.

Sino si Kami Richu?! I searched wikipedia just a few minutes ago and found Tomb of Emperor RICHU, Kami-Ishidu MISANZAI...

No image aside from an aerial photo of the tomb. The tomb looks like a keyhole... and what does it mean? Weird talaga! Napaka-WEIRD!!!


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