Early Morning Preparations @ Ground 9

This makes my 3rd game week at Ground 9, and only the 2nd week as a game correspondent... but... sadly, I was only able to take a few game photos due to a low battery. I should next time note to myself that bringing extra batteries is a must, if you'd like to last the whole day covering a-once-in-a-week battlezone.

Good thing Sir Lafuk was there with his D40he was also subbed by Sir Maralex one way or another. They even had a photo-op with my Esperanza (I'll post that shot when it gets posted at the boards)

But what made me put this post isn't just about the photos. But the improvised BB grenades that Sir Ayie and Raymond were making. I must know the ingredients... I'll try asking and might be able to post how to make it here. Helpful information you know.

Also another one that came to my mind that made me think twice and thrice was the CQB area on the gamesite, which involves a pathway separating the two groups (the offensive and the defense). The Assault will take it from the area separating the Jungle from the CQB and go east towards the pig pen area, of course the Defense got an advantage in where there are only two routes accesible to the area the thin pathway and the one near the bamboos; of course both are harder to pass and can be easily sighted by the Defending group, in which they are standing on higher ground.

Later I'll post a sketch on how they got it well guarded.


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