Last Saturday's games @ G9 and bonding with my Bestfriend

February 14 was no exception for our daily airsoft games at G9 (Ground 9) with the people from CCAG and of course some visitors from SOE, SOAR and Talahib.

Sadly there are no photos for me to post, because of me being stupid and leaving my digicam inside Sir Horace's trunk. Quite stupid of me noh?

Anyhow I went solo flight compared to the typical going-to and coming-back with my father to and from the site. Carrying a mountain pack to store my equipment inside and an "agaw-pansin" gunbag. Which gave people sudden stares at me, transporting something that could get me killed... good thing I brought the papers for transportation and the airsoft gun's license with me.

Anyways I spent the whole day with the peeps from G9 playing airsoft. Krissy came late to the site, and of course without her gun as always... ever since her ex-bf took her Joaquin (a CYMA AK74 Krinkov). She was itching to play the game, but was more itching to take shots of the game... luckily Sir Lafuk was there and let Krissy borrow his d40.

At the end of the day... I rode inside Sir Horace's car together with Krissy, dropping us by T.Sora ave.

Krissy and I celebrated valentine's together.... woops... we celebrated Happy Single's Day at home with a cup of coffee and some tupig to match it with. For those who aren't familiar with Krissy, she was my first girlfriend... and eventually is my bestfriend from wayback Elementary days. We keep contact regularly... not until her Ex-BF seculded themselves from people and friends... I haven't had contact with her during the months of November till this February first week... long noh? Anyways I'm glad I get to see her again nowadays... and have our regular chats over Coffee.


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