Progress on the MP5k firearm I was modeling the other day...

Ha! Modeling a firearm was fun, and more likely enjoyable. Maybe because its the sidearm I use during our airsoft skirmishes @ "G9" and "The Nest". Having examined and able to hold the replica of the SMG for real was the best reference I can get my hands on.

And so after finishing the initial stage of modeling the low-poly 1028 triangles on Maya. I was encouraged to do more. And thus I came up with doing 5 variations of set-ups for the MP5k platform... although, 2 of the 5 variations are already considered impossible and stupid... such as the "MP5k 9mm Sniper"

I'll post the rendered image of the modeled 9mm Sniper and its other variations as soon as I get the textures done.

For now here's the Basic Variation with the custom Fixed Stock:

Side View

Without the Double-Mag at 3/4 view, enjoyed tinkering it
and resulted with more triangles than before

My next project would be another firearm after this one... preferably an M14 or a M203 Stand Alone. So till next update~


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