Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A week has passed... but with a pocket full of stories

It's February 24, 2009 and it has been a week since I last gave an update on what has happened to my life... and everything else aside from that.

Last week Friday (Feb20), I starred as a talent as army soldiers with several others from CCAG for the soap-opera, Tayong Dalawa hosted by ABS-CBN Channel 2... the set was inside Camp Capinpin, home of the 2nd Division of the Philippine Army: The Jungle Fighters.

The experience was good... yet also bad in some ways or another. I'll give the details along the way...

Anyhow we we're only eight (Roms, Iko, Galbo, Edmund, Chris X, Bert, Mangyan and me) who confirmed to play the part as specical operations soldiers to join Gerard Anderson and Alex Anselmuccio's squad in extracting a pilot and a missionary held hostage by the NPA.

NPA? Of all reasons why is the NPA holding a missionary hostage? They wouldn't even do such a thing... maybe the Abu-Sayaff will... but no not the NPA. This is one of the bad parts... the script has a lot of holes, the reason is not only the fault of the scriptwriter and the director but as well as the Military Advisor.

The camp being situated in Tanay... the Military Advisor would definitely put in NPA than Abu-Sayaff... since jungles can be inhabited by the NPAs. But it was definitely a mistake to brand them hostage-takers of missionaries.

Anyhow back to my story... we arrived at Camp Capinpin at around 9am with the tech director's son, Danrey and the Aussie named, Sir Tony... who'll be playing the part of the pilot held hostage.

Anyhow to cut 5 minutes of your time reading this... we were there for 24 hours... yep 24 hours... for a fee of 1.3k php. The good part is the meals we get to eat for free (or I think its deducted from the real amount we're supposed to get... possibly 1.8k? minus 1.3k so thats 500 pesos worth of food), the bonding with the actors, specially Sir Alex Anselmuccio... whose only 17... but looks 24. hahaha... anyway he'll be joining us around June for a game of Airsoft at G9. Another good thing is the experience as real soldiers in the Phil Army. And that chats we had the soldiers destined there.

Ok to round the bad parts... the times wasted waiting for your scenes to come-up... another one is the missionary extraction scene and where the NPA took a missionary as hostage... which is a false accusition. The Abu-Sayaff is perfect for this role though. Another bad part.... is the coffee... you need mugs, as in mugs that can stand hot water. We didn't haz any coffee for the whole 24 hours. The biggest problem of all... short notices. This talent role was given to us by short-notice. Would be best if they stated it a week ago so everyone is prepared and there's an abundance in numbers to play these roles.

Anyhow... we came home the following day (Feb21), all except Galbo who had to stay because of the prosthetics he had for the next scene where he had to appear as a zombie or a soldier badly injured from the explosion of an M203 shell. Well he'll be receiving double pay anyways.

That's another problem... there's no definite date on when we'll receive our TF.

When I got home I was damned tired had to take a doze-off... while everybody else went straight to G9. For the regular weekend warrior's game.


Anyways a few days later I think that was yesterday... Sir Roms called me by cellphone... and requested once again for us to participate... the problem is... it was short-noticed AGAIN! Well its good that we didn't get to go... it was a NO GO... because of our numbers... a short notice request won't get you to anywhere.

I don't know what to answer the next time he calls...


Anyway, I decided to start writing again... Sir Red Horse (Horace Kapunan, the bald general of CCAG... the one who pushed me to playing the game again), told me that there are plans within CCAG to make a short film... an indie film. That made me start writing stories again, damn was I inspired.

its just a trial anyways, you can check the first parts @ The Ground 9: War Journal of an Infantry Corporal


In reality... I've applied to all the companies I needed to yesterday... all associated with 3d animation and Photography... graphic design would definitely be a no-go for me, since "binabarat ang mga graphic designers sa pinas". I'll just wait for their calls/emails... If there's no reply... I'll try again after a week. Global Recession's a pain in the neck~

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