Thursday, February 05, 2009

Interactive Arts... Standby?

I didn't get to go yesterday (Feb 3) due to the pain on my lower back (the same pain I felt years ago, dunno why its acting up again). And was able to go to IAS to present my Curriculum Vitae and my "Awesome-Lookin" DemoCD.

But there was one problem... there was a halt in examinations for the positions in 3D Animation and the like. Interactive Arts Services or IAS is currently, "Interactive Arts Standby"; due to the fact that they haven't gotten their 3D Softwares. My best thought would be that they haven't acquired the licenses of their Autodesk Programs such as Maya 2009 and 3DsMax 2009... and to sum it all up... what about those who applied for the positions way back mid-November last year? Are their exams also on halt?

So currently I'll be waiting for a call from them...

And so that's 3 down (TOEI, Enising, and IAS)...

But still even though I'll be waiting for answers, time is always GOLD. I'll have to apply for other companies... and the next one is on Friday and it will be held @ First Academy's conference room; a job fair hosted by SOMNICREATIVE.

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